Upcoming Meetings: New 2018 Meeting Schedule Available!

  • Annual Meeting: Thursday, February 15th at 1:30-3:30pm at the Lake County Central Permit Facility, 2nd Floor, Libertyville, IL 60048. Agenda

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DesPlaines Watershed Map 1 with WWTP and DAF for web

The Des Plaines River Watershed Workgroup (DRWW) is a voluntary, dues paying organization with a mission to bring together a diverse coalition of stakeholders to work together to improve water quality in the Des Plaines River and its tributaries in a cost effective manner to meet Illinois EPA requirements. Membership of the DRWW consists of communities, Publically Owned Treatment Works (POTWs), and other interested parties.  The Workgroup consists of Agency members represented by NPDES permit holders, Associate members which are non-permit holding organizations, and individual members.  The DRWW will monitor water quality in the river and tributaries, prioritize and implement water quality improvement projects, and secure grant funding to offset the cost.  Monitoring data will allow for a greater understanding of the water quality impairments, identify priority restoration activities, and track water quality improvements. The Workgroup is committed to an approach for attaining water quality standards that focuses on stakeholder involvement, monitoring, and locally led decision-making based on sound science.

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